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  • Students at Nick N Ross use bartending as a method to travel the world, pay for their education, meet new people, form useful networks, make money, and, most importantly, have fun. We offer this with tablets and other tools built in to train and enlist bartenders from all around the world.

  • Nick N. Ross offers bar training that strikes the ideal blend between entertainment and education. Our course helps you go beyond the typical academic education since we define bartending very thoroughly. A consistent explanation of our course is difficult to provide because of the various perspectives on the fundamentals, procedures, and objectives. Because we think that "genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple," our course has been made as simple as possible for you.

  • We provide a variety of programmes that instruct students in the correct bartending methods and processes while also educating them on how to mix and serve alcoholic beverages responsibly. Topics including health regulations, cleanliness, and supply preparation will all be covered in the thorough training.

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